Music: Dawn’s theme

More music coming up. Michael has created a Dawn-theme being played when you enter dialogue with the games female protagonist, a variation of the song you’ve heard before in the games intro-sequence.

First gameplay footage

Finally! A gameplay video for all of you to experience the look, sound and feel of Days of Dawn in motion. See Caril walk through the woods of Kalea, talk to Dawn, fight a battle and enter the mysterious cave (The story of this little walk through two of the games settings is in no relation to the one you’ll find in the finished game). And most important, tell us what you think and, if you like it, tell your friends!

Deep in a mysterious cave

Screenshot time! I know you’re eager to see more, new areas. Your request shall be heard. Let’s enter a damp and strange place hidden behind a mysterious cave entrance. What kind of trouble did Caril get into this time?

Behind the scenes: The walking sounds

With the gamescom behind us, it’s time again for some “Behind the scenes”. This time, Thomas is showing you his tricks in creating Caril’s excellent walking sounds:
When moving a character within a game, players expect sounds of the characters footsteps. Usually, a rather simple technique is used: A looped sound for the steps is generated and just played whenever the character moves. This is quickly made, but does not always fit the characters animations.
For Days of Dawn, we wanted the more sophisticated approach: Play a single foot step sound, each time the feet of the character touch the ground. To achieve this, our Caril has two small Colliders at his feet. When any of these colliders touch the ground, a sound is played (at the correct position in world space).

In Motion it looks like this:
The collision detection is rather cheap to calculate and now the playing of our sounds is automatically linked to any animation. Since we have a limited number of step sounds (seven actually), I wanted to create some more variation. So for each step sound, the pitch is randomly varied ±20% of the original value. This makes every single played step sound unique.

Currently, the played sounds are in no dependency to the ground. But walking on grass has to sound different than walking on stone or metal. So in a future update, we will make an automatic detection, what type of material Caril is walking on and will play a suitable sound.
This concludes my first “Behind the scenes” episode. More will follow within the next weeks and months – so stay tuned!

Press feedback (english translation) UPDATED

Here’s an english translation of part of the previews we earned during the gamescom:

- “You can feel the teams fun and euphoria in working on their ‘baby’ […] the magic systems sounds very exciting and innovative.” (

- “An ambitious and exciting project. You can feel the developers passion for their Days of Dawn. RPG-fan should keep an eye on it!” (

“We’re eagerly awaiting the game and hope, it will live up to our expectations. With these indegredients and this team, we can probably be quite confident about that.” (

– “We could get some small insight into a coming indie RPG and have been thrilled by the presentation […] Roleplaying-fans should keep an eye on this title!” (

– “Its look it a pleasant diversion from current titles of that genre.” (

– “A true gem” (

– “If Bumblebee is going to keep their word, we can expect an exciting RPG next year.” (

– “Fans of old RPGs should keep an eye on that title […] it’s like a declaration of love to RPGs of that time […] This could be something really, really beautiful coming up.” (

First previews of Days of Dawn

We’ve had a lot of very nice meetings with press and bloggers during our gamescom days – thanks a lot for all those pleasant and fun talks. I really enjoyed meeting you.

First previews of Days of Dawn are already online:

Thanks again to all of you for the cool reviews and having such a nice chat at the gamescom – hope to see you again next year!

Days of Dawn live on stage!

Coming sunday, 2:00PM (14:00 Uhr), we’ll be presenting a first demo of Days of Dawn on the retro-stage of the gamescom in hall 10.1. Expect to see some ingame footage and feel free for some words with Tassilo, designer of the game, afterwards. Looking forward to meet you there!

The “village theme”

Time to please your ears! Michael Stoeckemann from Sound of Games has already composed half a dozen wonderful songs for “Days of Dawn” and today I’d like to present you one of those: The “village theme”. Enjoy!

Win an Hairmo!

Alongside our gamescom appearence, we’re giving away a real collector’s item: the prototype of an Hairmo made of acrylate by Objet GmbH and handpainted by game designer Tassilo himself!
Become a facebook-fan of “Days of Dawn” until 20th of August 2012 to get the chance to win that unique little critter. Shortly after the 20th of August, the winner will be chosen randomly out all the “likers” from until the 20th.

Thanks to Object GmbH for their kind sponsoring of this figure.

Good luck!

Gloomy wednesday

Gloomy wednesday! Time for another screenshot. Caril is walking through a gloomy forest and about to enter a cavern emitting strange sounds – what might be hidden inside?